Tropic Thunder

Incoming! I thought, as I imagined Juhu beach being carpet-bombed, hearing explosion after explosion tear through the white-hot sky! I wondered also, if I am still alive, and why there’s no smoke, fire, screams. The explosions subsided after a good 15 seconds (!), and I woke up to the sound of pattering rain, at the ungodly time of 5:30 in the morning. Must’ve been some lightning strike! A quick check later, I pulled up a chair to the balcony, and enjoyed the thunder and lightning show for an hour. Then, as the rains abated, the sun came out, the car cleaner below started washing cars (quite redundant, I’d say), I realized I gotta get on my feet and face another day in the rut of the rat race…sigh.

Anyway, here are two photos taken from the same chair:






PS: The movie was quite a dud, and did not merit a review. It was, however, funny in parts, and the one thing I liked about the movie was that I couldn’t recognize Tom Cruise till the end credits rolled!

PPS: The post was originally ‘posted’ on the morning of 20th August, but I foolishly deleted it while importing from Blogger. D-uh!

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